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Letter: Puppy in need of service training

To the editor,

Life since 2012 has been quite the adventure, with many highs and lows. Being diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis, on top of it all has been tough and has brought along some challenges. On Aug. 4 of 2012, I passed out in front of my mom fully paralyzed and was rushed to Newton where I was shortly sent straight to Egleston’s ER and then IC where I was a patient for approximately three months. It was during these three months that I was on and off a ventilator and having numerous attacks, being far from stable. While those months were the most intense and horrifying of the past several years, they are by no means the only time it has occurred.

Since those months, I have practically lived in the hospital scene to the point that at some hospitals the nurses just automatically knew my name, my condition, and who my family is, before he or she would even come into the room to meet me and the beginning of his/her shift.

Although it was a difficult journey to achieve, May of 2015, I graduated from Social Circle High School and went off to August to attend Georgia Regents University (now August State) but was only there for a semester due to my health. After GRU, I transferred back to Georgia Perimeter and stayed there through its change to Georgia State and received my associates’ degree. Now I am “Between the Hedges” and am loving every second of it!

Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis is a rare genetic neurological disorder that affects all or portions of my muscular and nervous systems when attacks flare up. These are attacks, for me, are caused due to my blood pressure dropping due to a condition called P.O.T.S., which in turns triggers my potassium to drop. When my potassium drops, all or portions of my body become paralyzed.

With this at hand, over the past year and half, we have been raising money towards getting me a service dog. The service dog will be trained to aid me during attacks but will also be able to pick up on warning signs prior to an attack actually occurs. On June 26 we were able to adopt a labradoodle puppy, who is now four months old. Since bringing home Padme, she has completed her first puppy course and will be starting with her Beginner Obedience course shortly. When Padme reaches the 18 months to 24 months of age, she will begin her service dog training; however, meanwhile, she will be continuously be attending various obedience courses as well as agility courses: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

We are still and will still continuously be raising money towards all of her training. Our goal is to raise approximately $15,000. If you are interested in donated money towards Padme’s training feel free to do so through the following GoFundMe link:

Savannah Martin

Social Circle