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Letter: Politicians need to support reasonable gun control

Letter to the editor:

I have trouble believing that neither of my senators are willing to support any reasonable gun control after the massacres we have just experienced. How many bodies must pile up for Sen. Isakson and Sen. Perdue to be willing to take any action? Is there a number ? A thousand? Ten thousand? And I just read how much both of them got from the NRA so it makes sense. The Senators care nothing about the constituents they are supposed to represent who are demanding sensible gun laws. Then there is the matter of 45’s racist and inflammatory rhetoric. Senator Perdue actually defended him — that is unconscionable. Senator Isakson did mildly express disapproval. They should both forcefully denounce this. 

The El Paso shooter quoted Trump. We have a racist, misogynistic, immigrant-hating person in charge who has alienated every ally we had. Does that not bother Sen. Isakson and Sen. Perdue? And what about arresting the parents of small children on the first day of school in MS. Does that make us great? These are not partisan issues. They are moral issues. We really do not have a president. It would be helpful if we had some real senators.

Juanita Carson