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Letter: Nelson Heights Community Center
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I am writing to you on behalf of Nelson Heights Community Center, an organization that is working for the children, our community’s youth and our seniors. We estimate 75-100 children will become a part of our community center during the school year to take part in our tutoring program. 
Our desire is to have a place for these kids to develop skills that will be useful throughout their lives, and we need new computers to help us with this goal.
As you know, in today’s world of technology, children must become computer-literate. The exciting part is that they become very savvy with anything to do with computers, iPads, etc., very easily.
NHCC is dedicated to the process of making that happen, but we need your help.
Your donation will bring us closer to our goal of 10 new computers. Several business and community leaders are on board with this endeavor, helping to see the project succeed.
You can be a part of that excitement by supporting NHCC with a donation.
Please make your check payable to the Newton County Board of Commissioners and mark it for NHCC Computer Project. Newton County schools will open on Aug. 2, so if you can provide us with your contribution by July 29, it would be so helpful and appreciated.
I would like to thank you for considering this opportunity to partner with us and for your generous contribution.
If you have any questions regarding our organization, our fund management policy, or the project itself, please feel free to contact me at the Nelson Heights Community Center, 7200 Laseter St., or you may contact me at 770-866-3621.

J.C. Henderson
Newton County Board of Commissioner and Nelson Heights Community Center Board of Directors Chairman