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Letter: Montessori a place to grow
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Dear Sirs: The Montessori School of Covington, located in Clark's Grove, is one of the best alternative educations you can find, this side of Atlanta. It occurred to me that not many people in our area may fully understand what is meant by a "Montessori education."

I have three kids thriving at this school. Our oldest, now 13, started in their Early Childhood program, at age 4. The Montessori philosophy regards each child as a unique individual, worthy of respect and with individual needs. They encourage kids to accelerate in subjects they are excited about, but do not allow the child to fall behind in other areas where their interest is not high at the moment. The teachers spend most of their time working with each child individually, which means they can help in exactly the way each child needs. The teachers don't have desks. They continually move from student to student. As much as possible, everything is taught with demonstrations and hands-on. Math, language and science all become real and tangible subjects. Cultures and geography are studied from the earliest levels and supported with enriching monthly field trips.

Montessori schools have an excellent reputation for building kids with strong global understanding. This is not a school where the facts are just being packed into the child, but a place where the learning is supported by a whole fabric of appropriate context. It's a saturation method.

The Montessori philosophy has prospered for over a century and is respected around the world. The Montessori School of Covington produces exceptionally complete people, and we're thrilled to be able to offer this to our children.

Thank you, Montessori School of Covington.