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Letter: Misbehaving
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Dear Editor,

I was a customer at Longhorn Steakhouse on Thursday. There was a group of fire fighters there to eat lunch.

These young men belittled the young lady that was attempting to serve them. They complained to the manager that the service was slow nad the food was cold. What they didn’t say was each time the young lady brought their food, some of them had left the table, so she would return it to the kitchen as she should have.

They informed the manager that one of the Caucasian waitresses would have done a better job. They made this statement in the presence of this young lady. To those fire fighters, your goal was to get a free meal, as you ended up getting, at the expense of embarrassing this African American young lady.

I must tell you, you didn’t break her spirit. She continued to sever others with a smile.

How would you feel if it were your daughter?

Next time you decide to act like this in public, don’t wear your shirts with the emblem on it.

Brenda Clark