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Letter: Meeting conversation stirs up rates


Your article concerning the problem of public meetings at the airport (“Resident raises concerns over party meetings,” May 12-13) demonstrates what's wrong with our society.

The Democrats found out the Republicans were using the airport for their monthly meeting for free. So, instead of saying, “Hey, that's a good idea. We’ll see about having our meetings there, too,” they spoiled it for everyone.

Now, the city must decide how much to charge an organization for a public meeting. I know from experience, it’s hard to find a meeting venue in Covington at a decent price.

But, to add to the fact that now, all civic organizations will have to pay, the Democrats think they have to be compensated for some perceived wrong. The fee schedule was the same for everyone. (There was no charge.) They could have met there if they desired. There was nothing secret about it. Everyone in the world knew where the Republicans were meeting. But, they want to be compensated. For what?

The fee was nothing before. If they had met at the airport, there would have been no fee. Now, there will be a fee. That's equality. But, they don't want equality. They want to be considered a victim and be compensated.

Thanks, Democrats, for screwing up something else.

Fred Wheeler