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Letter: Medicare fact or fiction
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Dear Editor: I just had a discussion with a 68 year old in Walmart. First, he told the store clerk he was 68, and he could aggravate anyone he wanted to. Then his wife paid for their case of coke, sitting beneath the seat of his motorized cart, with food stamps. I said Romney planned to add an additional $6400 per senior to the cost of Medicare. I had checked it on Factcheck before going to the store. The additional cost of Medicare as currently consituted by the year 2025 was projected to be $6,350 beyond Medicare payments. Under the Romney plan, the additional cost was projected to be $12,500, clearly an increase. The gentlemen replied that Obama had cut $740 billion from Medicare. I had checked that, too. Obama cut fraud. The same cut was in the Ryan Republican budget proposal. When I replied that the cut was to fraud and waste, the gentlemen replied with the fact, "Obama can take a leap for all I care." Is this the level of fact-based dialogue in Covington?

Chris Roesel