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Letter: Lowndes County resident responds to Stovall column

Dear America,

While dropping off my children at school and traveling to work this morning I listened to an interview with a sportswriter from The Covington News.  He was commenting on a recent football game between Lowndes County and Newton.  He was also sharing his views on what he perceived to be as a somewhat less than gracious hosting to a "Press Pass" holder. 

Clearly, the less than warm reception affected his skills as an actual "Sports Writer" and he felt the need to comment on all aspects of his trip to Lowndes County other than the actual game. 

I truly believe his feelings were hurt and he allowed this to flow over into his later reporting, writings and postings. 

As a resident with two children in the Lowndes school system and a local law enforcement official allow me to be the first to extend a welcoming hand for a return trip at any time in order to cover a game or just visit. 

Also this word of advice with our country in so much turmoil and divisiveness why would a sportswriter use his position to pontificate through social media and other outlets on what he perceived to be a racially divisive community (whites on one side and blacks on the other)... Why?  Just do what you do.  Be a sports writer and be good at it!  This, however, seems to be the norm in America.  Hollywood does it; athletes do it; and apparently sports writers as well.  Act, play the game and report the facts... that's it!  You have one job.  To quote Nike, "Just do it." 

What happened to the days when we had our movies, media, politics and religion in separate containers? In conclusion, the writer admitted that once some things were explained to him he "...took it into context..." and saw the bigger picture.  We all need to think and wait before we speak, tweet and post to Facebook.  America needs to soften their hearts and be more mindful how our words and actions affect each other. 

In closing allow me to extend and open invitation to all, y'all come back and see us (Lowndes County) again real soon!  

Steve Thompson

Lowndes County