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Letter: Levin was too harsh toward restaurant
Covington woman says her family had affordable, enjoyable meal at City Pharamcy
Letters - OPINION

To the editor,

In reference to Rob Levin’s column (“The City Pharmacy: High dollar, high value. Can it last?” March 31-April 1), why throw into your article negative comments that it is statistically safe to say City Pharmacy will close its doors within two years and that dinner for two with wine can “steamroll” past $150?

Six adults in our family thoroughly enjoyed Easter brunch at City Pharmacy including two soft drinks, two teas, two mixed drinks, six entrees, three extra side orders, tax and gratuity for $154.

Why did you try to discourage customers from even giving City Pharmacy a try? In the future when writing a column about anything in Covington/Newton County, at least try to be positive. It would be most appreciated.

Irene Robinson Smith, Covington