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LETTER: Killing is the main purpose of assault weapons

Dear Editor:

“Everyone needs an assault weapon to fight the U.S. government when it comes for you” is a justification heard across the country. However, the usual target is children.

This is the popular theme heard again and again as justification for owning an assault weapon or three.

The most common use by someone not in the U.S. military or a member of law enforcement, is to blowup targets at a firing range, such as melons or gallon water bottles.

The second most common use is to ambush and massacre young children, church goers and people attending musical productions or night clubs.

Data available at this time indicates that law enforcement officers injured by assault weapons happens in a standoff with individuals known to have used assault weapons.

The evidence appears to show that murdering unarmed children and adults is the main reason to own an assault weapon in the U.S.

JJ Hayden