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Letter: Jesus love is it
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More than 2,000 years ago, God’s precious son Jesus Christ was sent to our world for the salvation of all races and nations. Our holy and heavenly God gave everyone the chance to make the ultimate decision: to select Jesus as the Lord and Savior of our souls. It is our decision to choose Jesus. His love is it.

Jesus’ love makes this world move around and around again and again. Jesus lives and his holy light that radiates in the believer’s heart is it. His unending love was foretold in ancient times and realized from the New Testament times until the present.

Jesus is it because receiving him frees the soul. We have the bondage of sin ever before us. But Easter, the day of Jesus’ resurrection, provides us the deliverance from sin – the first sin of Adam and all sins thereafter. Our acceptance of Jesus as the savior and the way to God is the greatest love. So, stop, if you are trying to find something greater. Trust me; you won’t find any greater love than Jesus’ love.

I heard about Jesus’ love at a young age. I know nothing about what I was hearing during those years. Now I’m in my senior years. I have more and more senior moments. I know from experience, Jesus is the greatest love. He walks with me; talks to me; has saved me from my iniquities; provided me with food, clothes, shelter, a bridge over my troubled waters. I could write into infinity about Jesus being it.

I invite each of you to just try Jesus if you haven’t already. Don’t wait until next Easter to do so. If you do try Jesus, you’ll find out that it’s true. He is it and its sweet along with him.

Happy Easter.

Elizabeth Partridge-Godfrey