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Letter: Items taken from Chimney Park
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Dear Editor: Last Sunday, Friends of Newton Parks welcomed some 1,300 guests and performers to our annual "Twilights at Chimney Park" festival of lights. It was better than ever, and the growth in attendance each year proves that Chimney Park and "Twilights" have become a must-see during the holiday season.

The lights in Chimney Park will be on every Thursday night in December from 5:30 to 9 p.m., and we hope you'll visit often to enjoy the magic created by so many talented volunteers and supporters.

Regrettably, some lighting displays will not be visible because thieves have stripped some key and expensive extension cords out of the park.
A lighted bicycle mounted on a post has been knocked off its position.

Chimney Park is a public park, under the auspices of the Newton County Parks and Recreation Commission, and it is open to enjoy 365 days a year. Regrettably, the loving care with which the park is tended goes unappreciated by vandals bent on destroying pleasure that can be shared with the entire community.
On the first Saturday in May, Chimney Park will host its annual "Fairy House Festival" when children and adults will decorate the park with imaginative fairy houses and haunts made out of all natural materials. We hope you'll plan to attend.

Thanks to the newspaper for its publicity and to everyone who makes the community festivals at Chimney Park such a success.

Jean Austin, Chair
Friends of Newton Parks