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LETTER: Hollis J. Oxford

Dear Editor:

I know I’m a broken record on this issue, but it is very important to me.  The issue being, illegal property taxation in this country and especially in our county.  This month, hundreds of first time ever supposedly delinquent property tax pink slips with illegally gained writs of Fi. Fa., printed on the letters were sent out in mass solely by our Tax Collector.  This conspiracy to illegally steal our homes out from under us is being presented right in front of our faces.  With the School Board Council whining about how they didn’t get their huge share of property taxes for the years of 2019 - 2022, where in two good  masked years, nobody was even in their buildings getting proper education, at their own ignorant, (isn’t education & ignorant a oxymoron?, doing and they think they should be paid for  nothing as well as contributing to making our lives a living-you-know-what.   Doesn’t the actions show they have a vendetta against us and our legacies owning property?  This is a long time feudal  trend, but has been put in hyper drive because people are seeing the light.  You can get started by looking up detailed proof of what “The Hidden Agenda Behind the Planned Destruction of America”, is by researching Rosa Koire.   If we don’t do something, apparently this man and his business associates will try and steal our homes right out from under us. You might be free of debt by  your own hard work, you can own your Title and think you own your house and have a legacy to pass to your future generations or do with as you will, but they don’t want you to have this.  They consider it theirs, even though by law, they can’t sell a Title holders Deed without that person’s permission. The Property Tax Collector wants to put you back in debt or deeper.  It’s all against the Constitution too and against the law, even though they pretend it isn’t.  They do this with fear, fear that we will finally stand up for ourselves and say, “NO”.

   Please say “NO”, if we all make a stand against these do nothing, Anarchists of the world, who make their living off Vulturing, then they will have to get a real job just like the rest of us do.   I got punished  this month when I finally broke down and went against my values and made an extortion payment to Marcus Jordan because of getting one of his pink letters.  You know what happened?  My water heater immediately went out and dropped water all over my floors.  A message to me that I was bowing to something else rather than My God.


Hollis J. Oxford