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Letter: Don't forget to vote in January

Dear Covington News,

I wanted to take a moment to remind readers to vote on Jan.  9, and to vote for Brian Strickland for Georgia Senate. It is flying under the radar, but there is a special election on Jan. 9 - the day after the College Football National Championship Game which could crown UGA top dogs! Talk about poor timing.

I highly recommend that you consider Brian Strickland. I met Brian through his work as an attorney, and I found him to be a family man of great integrity and work ethic. Brian has already been serving the folks of Henry County in the State House and has fought for low taxes and cutting government waste. Brian grew up the son of a farmer in Henry County and knows about small town values. Brian is a conservative Republican, but he is not afraid to reach across the aisle and make sure the citizens of his district come before petty politics. Brian has served in the State House and has the experience under the Gold Dome to look out for Newton County.  While we can’t do much about the timing of the election or the outcome the game, we can do a something about who we elect - vote for Brian Strickland.

Your neighbor,

Michael Geoffroy