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Letter: Cause for optimism
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Dear Editor,

On Nov. 1, 1951 a young Baptist minister arrived in Covington to begin his 25-year tenure at the First Baptist Church. He, along with his lovely wife and three young children lived in an old house located on Elm Street, directly behind the sanctuary. The young minister was my father.

Growing up a block from the square afforded me a unique perspective of the town, and as a small child, my world was gradually shaped by everything I saw and learned in Covington. I guess that’s why, to this day, I feel such a strong attachment, and more specifically why I love this town.

Over my life, I have observed the good times and the rough times in Covington, and I’m happy to say that I currently feel great optimism for the community. Part of my optimism stems from the fact that I see a city government that seems to be working the way it should. You have the strong leadership of a mayor with a great vision for the town, a desire among council members to solve problems and work for the greater good, without overlooking the needs of individuals, and last but not least, you have an abundance of talented and highly skilled city employees who exude dedication.

The new park at Legion Field is the most visible representation of what happens when all this talent, desire and vision comes together; and to think, the park is only partially complete! When the band shell, walking paths, and landscaping along the creek are finished it will truly be something unique, an eight-and-a-half acre facility serving many purposes for all of Covington’s citizens. If you haven’t seen it yet, ride by and take a look. Envision the festivals and fun activities that will be taking place in the future. Think about the recreational opportunities that will exist for families and individuals who need a beautiful place to walk or picnic. See it as an oasis for those seeking a little solitude during the middle of the day or a great place to have an all-out game of Frisbee football after school.

This park truly can become something for everyone, and it should. It can be a beautiful diamond located in the center of our town. Furthermore, it can be an inspiration for all who enjoy it, providing peace in the present and hope for the future. That’s what parks do!


John M. Callaway