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Letter: Brian Kemp agenda will crash and burn progress in Georgia

To the editor:

Brian Kemp, the Republican candidate for governor says he wants to make Georgia #1 for the Small Business, to Reform State Government, to Strengthen Rural Georgia, and Put Georgia First. All this sounds great on the surface, but his ideas aren’t new nor are they necessarily good.

Making Georgia No. 1 for small business to Mr. Kemp just means he is willing to do away with certain regulations to appeal to certain businesses and companies that may not care about our communities or our environment. Unsavory business that will further pollute our air, lakes and streams.

Reforming state government usually means reducing taxes on business and developers to entice them to come to our great state. It’s been tried and failed before here in Georgia and as well as other states like West Virginia, Kentucky, and Kansas; all suffered under such tax laws that ultimately rewarded the rich and hurt the poor. The federal government’s latest round of tax cuts (breaks) has proven to be a significant boon to only a select few only. When revenue is lost in one area it must be made up in other areas. Georgia, luckily has a growing film industry that has helped fill the gap. Under Kemp’s proposed plan, lost revenue will more than likely be generated from the poor, the middle class, and by reducing funding to local schools and colleges. The qualifications required to reward a scholarship will be become more arduous, making it out of reach for a majority of our young Georgians attain thus enabling them to attend college.

Kemp proclaims he will strengthen rural Georgia which is a dog whistle to whites in rural areas. I’m curious how Kemp will reduce government spending and taxes while building a high-speed internet infrastructure that will connect the entire state. To me it seems implausible. Kemp declares he will expand and protect healthcare in rural Georgia, again how? Where will the money come from? Kemp’s unwillingness to accept Medicaid expansion will hurt all Georgians especially those in rural areas. 

Kemp declares he will support farmers while supporting Trumps tariffs, tariffs that additionally tax our biggest buyers around the world. His “Put Georgia First” claims have his tax cuts will be first in line for federal funds to meet budget deficiencies and that he will fund public school education and raise teacher incomes. This is a ridiculous promise, the money will not be there to fund these ideas. Cutting taxes and reducing revenue will cause many helpful programs to end.

Kemp is also promising to protect Georgians values so many of which reek of racism. States change with growing migration from other states and country. Kemp has made statements that raises red flags. Kemp has stated that the minority voter’s turnout will hurt republicans chances to win in Georgia. Instead of producing an agenda to help all Georgians Kemp has decided to suppress minority voters. Kemp has held up 53,000 voters’ registrations, shutdown polling stations in predominantly minority areas, and has provided links to his campaign on a government website which had to be stopped. Im convinced that Brian Kemp loves power and control going to any length to garner and maintain it. Kemp has aligned himself with President Trumps actions and has accepted his endorsement. We, the United States of America have lost our standing in the world as that beacon of light and hope that shone brightly to all that longed for a better life, all because of the current president. He (Trump)has reneged on promises made to our allies and friends alike. Kemp appears to have some of the same horrible qualities as Trump. Are these the core Georgian values Kemp speaks?

Gene Wills