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Letter: Balanced crime coverage needed

Dear Editor,

Upon recently reading the Weekend edition of The Covington News of May 19-20, 2018, I was set back at reading the crime page, as three-quarters of the page was dedicated to an incident between Jessie Henderson and his child's mother and then a small 2.5-paragraph was about Alma Jones, a Special Needs Pre-Kindergarten Teacher at Livingston Elementary School, who was arrested on Drug Charges.

The "domestic situation" involving Jessie Henderson even received more time, space and energy than Jimquez Swiney, who faced multiple charges, including criminal attempt to commit murder and pled guilty in court. Guilty to what? We don't know, because it wasn't reported.

Why was such a detailed accounting necessary about the personal life of Jessie Henderson and only just a snippet about teacher who was charged with drugs? Was this because he is the son of District 4 Commissioner J. C. Henderson, therefore it was more important than someone who has daily care over children, or someone who put several Covington citizens in danger?

Some of the information about Jessie Henderson was repeated along with photos of a dented car hood and a broken phone. Really?

This reporting of the NEWS was way off the mark here.

Where is the sense of a balanced reporting of the news?

Christy Hall