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Lets talk about it
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Dear Editor: I’d like to comment on the letter regarding a reaction to a bumper sticker and free speech.

I applaud Mr. Townley’s service to our country, and I celebrate his right to express himself freely, even on his bumper. I can tell from the sentiment expressed there that he and I don’t agree politically. Mr. Townley, however, has chosen a method of expression that denies dialogue, and a message that is provocative.

It makes me sick at heart that we have lost the ability to disagree with one another, yet work together to right the wrongs that affect all of us daily. The media and our elected officials, all vying for our money or our votes, insidiously appeal to the lower angels of our nature and polarize the populace along party lines. With all of us shouting at each other, we forget that were all in the same house, one which divided against itself, cannot stand.

This house has got great bones, but it needs a lot of work. It was built by people who had differing opinions, and the only way it can continue is if its citizens learn to talk to one another.