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Lamenting litterbugs
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Dear Editor: As a proud citizen of Newton County I’m disheartened to see how unappreciative citizens of our county fail to value some of the benefits we enjoy and are going to ruin a good thing for all county tax payers. As citizens of the county we enjoy the benefits of the neighborhood recycling centers, which we enjoy without fees. Over the July 4th holiday I noted a mounting pile of garbage bags outside the closed gate [at] the Oak Hill recycling center. There are signs posted stating what the holidays are for the center and directives as NOT to leave trash outside the gate. County employees should get holidays like every other working citizen and the county should NOT have to lug the trash of disrespecting citizens inside the facility. If you cannot read or you just disrespect the county that much, I don’t know. I can only hope that the county sifts through all this debris and finds one piece of mail belonging to these disrespectful citizens and appropriately fines them. I myself would like to see the centers stay open and feeless. If you get to the gate and it’s closed because of poor planning on your part, take your trash back home and wait a day. It took you more than a day to collect it and you’ll be riding by the center in the next day or two. Don’t ruin it for the rest of us.