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Kudos to Covington
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Dear Sirs: I am writing to thank the people of Covington for the assistance and hospitality that they provided to my family (my brother Loyd Jarman, myself, Lowell Jarman, and my wife Janis) during a recent visit, just prior to Easter.

We currently reside in San Diego, and the purpose of our visit was to learn some information about our relatives who had lived in Covington.

Our first positive experience came at the Visitor Center, where we were allowed to park our motor home for the afternoon.

We then went to the courthouse, where Probate Judge Baker was nice enough to talk to us without prior appointment. (I can't imagine we would have had any success with a similar request in San Diego.) He referred us to the library, where we were again provided much appreciated assistance in finding gravesites of our relatives.

The following day, we went to Bethany Presbyterian Church where many of our relatives are buried. We were able to visit their gravesites and also, thanks to Annie King, learn of the "Loyd Cemetery" near Mansfield The folks at the hardware store in Mansfield were also very helpful in directing us there. I have to add, that my brother (Loyd) has gone through his whole life saying, "Loyd with one ‘L'." He says , "Lloyd (with 2 L's) would be a waste of a perfectly good ‘L'." So to see a cemetery where everyone buried there was a "Loyd" with one "L" was pretty cool!

While looking for a place for lunch that day, we stopped into a nail salon on the square, and were given a recommendation of the "Low Country Fish Camp" where we enjoyed excellent service and lunch.

Finally, and perhaps most important, we would like to thank Bob King of Bethany Presbyterian Church. He not only directed us and guided us to the Jarman Home Site where my grandfather and father were raised, but he provided us with copies of several church records describing some of the history that was pertinent to our family.

So thanks to Covington for a great experience. We will definitely return!