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Keep Covington-Newton Beautiful
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Dear Editor: As a member of Keep Covington-Newton Beautiful's executive board, I would like to thank you for bringing attention to the problem of litter in Newton County. As you mentioned in your editorial, litter can impact economic development and the way new and prospective businesses feel about our community. Likewise, litter has a negative impact on our own views of our community. Research has also shown that a littered environment increases personal stress levels.

Fortunately, litter is a problem that all of us can help solve. While there are people who intentionally throw litter out their vehicle windows, a good deal of litter is the result of loose items blowing out of truck beds. Therefore, it's important to keep truck beds clean and make sure trash bags are secured as we transport them to collection sites.

We can also make a difference by picking up litter around our businesses, homes and neighborhoods, even if, as is usually the case, we're not the ones who put it there.

Picking up litter not only leaves us with a cleaner community but can give us a sense of accomplishment. In these days when many problems seem insurmountable, picking up litter is a way for us to have a positive impact with minimal effort. A litter pick up can even be a fun activity when done in the company of family and friends.

The Great American Clean Up is scheduled for March 23, but KCNB encourages groups and individuals to lend a hand in cleaning our community before that date. For free trash bags, suggestions on where to clean, and/or information about the Adopt-a-Mile program, please contact the KCNB office at (770) 784-2015.

Sara Vinson
KCNB Executive Board Chair