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Judge not?
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Dear Editor: This week I read in your newspaper, wherby Senator John Douglas, from District 17, was going to try and get a law passed, whereby, anyone that had any kind of a sex conviction, could not never be on any school board in The State Of Georgia, even after the person had served all of their court ordered time as well has having to wait 10 year's, to show the state that they have been a good person and stayed out of trouble for the ten years.

So, I ask this newspaper to please do some research and go back in their file's four or five or more year's and look up, whereby, this well known doctor, that was well respected in Covington got in trouble with the law and I think is still in prison today, serving time.

The judge handed down his judgement, but the judge also ordered that the doctor could not go back in to being a doctor, after 100% of all the dr's time had been served as well as probation time

Editor, please correct me if I am wrong! The Georgia
Supreme Court over ruled the judge in the case and said that, the judge could not put any restrictions's on a person after they have finished their court order time, therefore the doctor could go back in business, when finished with their state time.

I suggest that Senator Douglas, look this case up and read the court ruling, concerning this doctor's case, and stop wasting taxpayer's money, whereby the state has to defend itself in our state supreme court.

The way to handle what Mr. Douglas wants is to get the state to change the wait time to say 15 or maybe 20 years for being a good boy.