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In defense of One Fabulous Mama
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To the editor: I am amazed at the folks that have written in concerning Beth McAfee Hallman’s Nov. 27 column.  I find it hard to believe that these folks think that "Christians" are the only ones that celebrate Christmas. Hello?? I guarantee Christians are not the only ones beating down doors , trampling people, and spraying pepper spray on Black Friday! It is unfortunate that these religious, poor excuse of Christians are attempting to represent Him. They are so far from Christ-like, it is sad. No one ever becomes a follower of Christ by learning of Him by the likes of these people. And, yes, we celebrate the birth of Christ this time of year. We have birthday cake and sing to Him. It is after all His birthday! However, these people need to figure out -- He's all grown up. I personally think the “J-Man” may just have a can of whoop a** with their names on it. He does love and correct his followers. God bless their little hearts. 

Nita Clark