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Henderson's disrespect
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Dear Editor: Commissioner Henderson has overstepped his bounds as he wants respect but he doesn't give respect. When you hit another man' child, you have disrespected that man. Sandy is not his child. If I attacked his daughter, he would respond so I'm responding to his attack of mine, if not physically then verbally.

He thinks so little of me that he did not honor my request not to put his hands on my child. He quickly got defense for himself; if nothing was done, then there's no need of defense. If the problems in the relationship have gotten that bad, then it's time to reevaluate why they are together. The political gods will defend him as always.

Sandy has her faults, so those who come with the harsh criticism must first look at the root of the problem. No public officials should hide behind their title. While others want to play the race card and say people are at him because he's black, abuse has no color.

If Sandy had to run from him, then she must have been in fear of something. Why else would a wife have to run from her husband in their own home to the tune of supposedly running into a door, while her child has to watch as his mother runs for her life? Strange that he could not answer about something that he said didn't happen. Did she not make it out of the door but hit the door? If he loves her so much, why didn't he make sure she didn't run into the door?

Will the political gods please advise the door that it is abuse to hit a woman in the mouth? Why no press conference, political gods? Commissioner Henderson has nothing to hide; it was just a game of cat and mouse, right?

He said he wanted to make sure that most of the local people got the story first. But most of the local folks already know the story - 113 calls!
Don't imprison your whole family for the sake of political office. It's better for both of you to have a good record, both public and private. Let not five sons become the next generation of confused fathers. I'm only asking from him the same as he got from me. He didn't get her with any bruises so please don't inflict any upon her. The political gods know what suppression of the truth only proves.

(Romans 1:18 - The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth by their wickedness.)

I only observed the police reports for these facts.