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Harwell's homerun
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Dear Editor: Nat Harwell's recent op-ed on our Commander In Chief's bailout on the matter of reduced additional troops in Afganistan, with the caveat of a timed set withdrawal, is a homerun and should be easily understood as gospel by any with the gumption to read it. Obama in one of his famously felicitous, and read, speeches was enthusiastically cheered by his leftist supporters and worshipful followers, unreproached by the media and yawned by those forced to sit through it at the Military Academy. It seems that we are getting one of his jet blasts nightly now. Will this man ever leave us alone?

All the while the media continues with nothing but beautiful considerations for a man whom we know next to nothing about and assails any thing negative said about him as merely gross calumnies. It is unbelievable the free media pass this man from nowhere receives. Not many believe their lying eyes. But they will.

As our currency is destroyed, military/industrial complex weakened, and hostility rises within our once glorious nation, we are force-fed in believing in a man incapable of fixing a sandwich, let alone the myriad problems we face. He has been bestowed, incredibly, with the Nobel Peace Prize (given by Socialists and Communists on the award committee of which he is one of their kind) and our nation's highest office with the achievements of having been the editor of the Harvard Law Review and a community organizer for ACORN; both carrying the weight of winning a Jack Rabbit Slims Twist Contest. Never has a president been elected so void of experience and achievement as Obama and it is beginning to show loud and clear.

Maybe it is time we adopt the European system of a leadership vote of confidence means of removing inept and phony leaders. It is doubtful that we can endure three more years of this rank, but yet splendid orator, "leader."

There can be no doubt that those who have given so much will soon be asked to sacrifice even more. Frankly, for me to willingly go along with this, I need to be asked to do so by one who has done some heavy lifting-- not one who has done nothing - not even minimum glorious or inglorious military service. May we receive divine intervention. It won't happen from within.