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Greatest little town
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Dear Editor: Dear Social Circle Planning & Zoning Committee Members: I would like to thank each of you for your dedication to the city of Social Circle. I know each of you love and care for Social Circle; otherwise you would not volunteer your time and knowledge for a sometimes thankless job. I know the past several months have been tiresome at times, and I applaud you for your willingness to hear from everyone who has a voice.

I would also like to thank you for making the changes with regard to the rezoning of property. As a county resident, when the city annexed county property into the city, some of our rights were removed and the changes you have made are a step towards rectifying one of the those changes. I urge you to review the city ordinances and compare them to Walton County. Property owners of Walton County should not be subjected to less protection than they previously had because of any annexation or business.

Social Circle is a special town. I love Social Circle. It has been a wonderful place the live, play, work and raise my family. Social Circle touts itself as being the "Greatest Little Town in Georgia" and it is up to you and the city officials to make sure we have the rules and regulations in place to protect all property owners, business and residential. This will require constant updating and reviewing of our laws. I believe Social Circle is the best place to live in Walton County; therefore, I believe Social Circle should do at a minimum what the county requires and then take it a step higher so we can remain the "Greatest Little Town in Georgia."
Our city needs growth, especially business growth to broaden our tax base, but not just any kind of growth. Not all growth is healthy. I like to compare our city to our body; if we eat right, exercise and take care of our body, we will benefit by living a longer, healthier life.

On the other hand, if we don't eat right, don't exercise and don't take care of ourselves, we will gain weight which will cause numerous health issues and lead to an early death. The same goes for any city, town or business. If proper measures are not taken to see that healthy growth is made, a negative impact will be made. Bad choices and decisions lead to bad outcomes. Please explore all angles with regard to the Motorsports Complex as it is a very diverse application that doesn't address many of the important issues that require attention. Our current economic conditions should be factored into this decision, but please don't sell our community short of what its potential can be when the economy turns around.