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Good work Clements
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Dear Editor: Recently we read the wonderful news of Clements Middle School being removed from the Needs Improvement List. The hard work and efforts that moved Clements Middle School, now Liberty Middle School, away from Needs Improvement was led by Dr. Sylvia Jordan. So how does the Newton County School System utilize such talents? For that answer you’ll need to ask the Newton County Superintendent of Schools and the Newton County Board of Education.

It appears that the Newton County School System does not have the same faith in and support of Dr. Jordan. Taxpayers contribute their fair share to the equation, expecting that their dollars will be used wisely and prudently to ensure the best return on their dollar. But how can we call it good stewardship of taxpayers’ revenue when we move a principal who has demonstrated success in the system to a position of less responsibility, subordinate to others with less experience and expertise. While this choice is within the discretion of the superintendent and the Board of Education, I cannot see how the action can be justified.

I want to thank and recognize the hard work of the educators and faculty at Clements Middle School as well as the administration who lead the efforts to bring that school off the Needs Improvement list and help them achieve AYP. I hope the community begins to call their elected officials and ask that this wonderful resource be properly placed so that the investment made by the district is not wasted.