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Glorious capitalism, part II
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Dear Editor: The inability to recognize when you have made a mistake, then admit it, correct it and move on is inherent with a lot of people; even worse is the inability of those who follow that person to recognize this as a mistake. The definition of insanity is when you continue to do something that has been proven wrong or you put the wrong people in charge, but you believe that if you continue to spend money on it that two wrongs will soon make it right.

Politicians spend other people's money so they have no incentive to do the correct thing. Successful business people do not waste money on non-performing projects or people, but politicians believe this works because they have been able to fool the public for so long, and they think it will continue. We now have the Tea Party, and they are checking the performance and checking for lies and Maxine Waters and others are disturbed by this. Some people need help, but losers are kicked to the curb.

Success for the Far Left calls for a high price by the people. It means repeating the same losing programs as before just to satisfy the program and special interests and keep politicians in power. These politicians are your new elite replacing corporations. You can get a new job or file a lawsuit against a corporation, but you can not fight progressive/Communist total control without revolution. Ideals are things you strive for, but not at the cost of destroying what you presently have; this is what the current government is trying to do.

Russia and China killed over 50 million each in an effort to bring Communism/progressive government to their countries. Other countries like North Korea and Cuba have starved their people to death in an effort to keep control, and when the government has total control, the private citizen does not have any recourse as they do in a republic with laws. Lenin, Stalin and Mao killed millions, but they are held in high regard by many while the U.S. is looked on as a villain for protecting and freeing millions.

Groups can work together for the good of the whole, but when the whole destroys the individual's desire to advance themselves and when the group takes more from those who are producing to give to those who are not producing, this can not continue. Once the people who are working run out of money and desire, what will those who do not work do for money. The progressives, Communists and new liberals caused the riots in Chicago at the Democratic convention in 1968, and that was the catalyst that threw the party into a tail spin, and the progressives/new liberals took over from the Democrats.

Progressives, Communists, socialists, fascists and new liberals all push for top down control, and when they have it, you will jump when they say jump because you do not have any recourse. They are all about limitations on the job, where you shop and what you buy. They will control your medical care and allow no private ownership. Do you get it; they are in control of your life? Are you so lazy that you can not do a day's work for a day's pay and advance yourself by working harder and longer.

I know we had Democrats and liberals prior to the ‘60s. Where are they now. They should be forming a tea party of their own and kicking the progressive/Communists out of their party. So come over to the sane side of politics, and we can talk and resolve the problems of this nation. Just voting is not enough. You must do more for yourself, your nation and your God.

Luke Knight