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Give me true facts
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Dear Editor: This is in reference to the letter written by James R. Hays and posted in your July 6 edition, which I find somewhat disturbing. In attacking my supposed ignorance, I can only assume he must be a friend of William Perugino. I re-read my letter to your paper and was unable to find any self-righteous, political or zealotry. In his letter, he stated; "In the future, it might behoove the author of said letter if, instead of attacking in ignorant, self-righteous, political, zealotry, he would take time to at least open a dictionary before he decides that one's opinion, as either "journalist or columnist." "His words not mine." The main point in my letter was the words "true facts" not opinions or hearsay.

Mr. Hays, I did look up the words "columnist and journalist," my suggestion to you is the same one you offered to me, however I used a thesaurus instead of a dictionary, to whit: Columnist = writer, journalist, newspaper columnist, magazine columnist, correspondent, or contributor. Journalist = reporter, press officer, member of the press, correspondent, writer, columnist, commentator. Which of these words would you have used? Should I have used "opinion?"

Since this is my "final opinion." In your statement of my ignorance, self-righteous, political, and zealotry, I can only hope that you can get past your resentment and anger forget about your grievances. I haven't formed an opinion as to how I am going to vote in November, but your letter certainly gives me focus on what is wrong with our country.

Donald Heaton