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Free speech
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Dear Editor: I, Shannon Black, come forward to identify myself as "MsLoy" and "KBeet" named in a civil action on free speech web comments. I do not agree with the attack on free speech, but by coming out I share a voice for employees under attack who need their jobs.

While I removed my child from NCSS last year, I maintain close internal contacts and will continue to share comments with the public through the Citizen site. Employees will be heard through me since Human Resources is overseen by Carpenter's husband. Employees complain openly that he tells her everything they say in HR by the time they drive back to the high school and she then moves to fire them based on non-performance reasons.

I have only stated facts as I believe to be true. The problem is not anonymous posters. The problem is the leader.

I ask that you or the judge who gets this case both quash the subpoena and dismiss the suit as an attack on free speech and those who teach and work in a semi-police state. It is another fear tactic of a leader of a low performing school.

You may contact me at: Shannon Black. 597 Kingston Lane Conyers, GA 30012 or (678) 315-4971.