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Fiasco in Franklin
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Dear Editor: In today's world of newspapers, it often reeks of a stale environment when it comes to reporters actually reporting and the opinionated writing of columnists. What a deep breath of fresh morning air when reading two particular articles in your Sunday edition. Nat Harwell's column on his remembrance of his dad's respect for our national anthem and the commitment of veterans everywhere was especially moving and sincere. Say what you want about Nat, but his columns do make you think, not only about Newton County, but most importantly, the state of affairs in the entire country.

Josh Briggs' Bumpkin Stew article about the fiasco in Franklin County was a refreshing look at what really happens when you have an unqualified person in an position of authority. Makes you think of some of our elected officials. If Josh has the authority to tell it like it is, [like it really is] then my hat's off to the editor for their insight. I'm sure Josh will be hearing some repercussions from throughout the state, but the truth sometimes hurts. Again I commend you on two valuable assets to your paper and what enlightened reading.