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Failed justice
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Dear Editor: Recently I was involved in a court trial because my car was stolen. My experience with the court system on this case was extremely unpleasant. The verdict I assume you can already figure out, but it’s what happened in this case to cause this verdict that is so overwhelming. A key witness testified to one thing under oath a month earlier. After that, he was threatened by the defendants "acquaintances." After the threats came trial. Well, lo and behold, the key witness’s testimony changes, ultimately resulting in an unwanted verdict. The kicker behind this entire story is this. The prosecution knew of the threats and did nothing. The prosecution knew he was lying, and did nothing. Are we starting to see a pattern?

 Simply put, the judicial system has failed. I’m a hard-working, tax-paying citizen. I have never had any "run-ins" with the law, and then we have a hardened criminal, known for previously stealing cars and already on probation for such offense, walking away from a supposedly "open and shut" case. It just doesn’t make any sense.