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Face the voters
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Dear Editor: Last Friday, I called Rep. Jim Marshall's district office in Macon regarding when he has plans to set up any town hall meetings for his district, GA-8. Marshall's spokesperson told me a press release will be coming out shortly. I reminded him that Congress is in recess.

Could it be that Mr. Marshall is running scared and does not want to confront his constituents? Could it be that he does not want to endure the angry remarks of his constituents who have read the House version of the health care bill and want to know if Marshall supports the addition of abortion for the unborn and the act of euthanasia for people above a certain age? This amounts to nothing more than eugenics, a program developed in the early 20th century in this country, including Planned Parenthood's Margaret Sanger that was later carried over to Nazi Germany for the Holocaust.

Could it be that he does want to confront his constituents over the fact that many people in his district would lose their private health insurance if this bill were to pass? Could it be that he does not want to confront his constituents over their medical records being digitized and that a no-name government bureaucrat could be able to play mind games with any private American citizen if they so desire? Could it be that Mr. Marshall is trying to avoid the debacle that happened to his Democratic Congressional colleague David Scott (GA-13) in Douglasville (west of Atlanta) late last week when Scott was shouted down over health care? Could it be that Mr. Marshall is trying to recruit members of ACORN (now Community Organizers International (COI)) and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) to incite violence toward anyone that disagrees with President Obama's policies in a manner similar to Nazi Germany or fascist Italy (to wit, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Dick Durbin)? Could it be that Mr. Marshall does not want to confront real anger among his constituents that is grass roots and not from people who dress too nice and wear Brooks Brothers suits (to wit Chris Matthews and Barbara Boxer. For the record, I own three suits and none of them are Brooks Brothers)?

For the good of your constituents, Mr. Marshall, please release your town hall meeting schedule during the recess while there is still time. Your constituents in Georgia's Eighth Congressional District would really appreciate it.