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Explanation needed
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Dear Editor: Superintendent Cox, I have the utmost respect for the position which you hold, and it is because of this respect that I am writing you.

My son has been in the "Quest" program in Newton County since his third grade year. He was placed there because of his writing and artistic ability. Our oldest son was placed there because of his science and math ability.

During the last two semesters of our oldest son's middle school experience he had several issues with his teacher. There were several mathematical concepts which his instructor had failed to demonstrate, which we had to locate online and self teach.

I.E., he was asked to find the "x" and "y" intercept of two lines without being taught the concept of "y = mx+b." Without knowing that concept, how was this to be done?

Now, my youngest son is having the same problem with the same instructor.

Is it an assumption of the Georgia Department of Education, as well as the counties within, that every student has access to semi-intelligent parents as well as the Internet?

I ask because I am sure after this semester my youngest son will be out of the "Quest Program" and he will be able to spend some time on something other than math no one has explained.