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Exceptional learners blocked
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Dear Editor: I am a highly upset student attending Alcovy High School. Recently, our Board of Education decided to succumb to the whims of the "Eastside Culture" and place all Newton County high schools on block scheduling.

This act is a death sentence to Advance Placement students. Block scheduling removes all possibility of passing AP exams (which are given in May) and limits success. I am disturbed by our county's steps to promote mediocrity.

Even more disturbing is that this action was done after the teachers at Alcovy voted in favor of anything but block. Block allows students more opportunities to retake classes and hinders students. How can you learn 500 years of America history in 18 weeks?

This is the most asinine agenda in our school system's history and ultimately threatens our democracy. If every school in our nation strives to "meet in the middle" and fails to challenge and allow the success of exceptional students, our next generation will be left for the dogs. Even worse than going to block is the board's failure to give us a plan of action for AP courses.

This is a huge mistake. I pray that the board rethinks their decision.