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Every school needs an officer
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Dear Editor: I am urging the Newton County School Board to place a law enforcement officer in every elementary school. The law enforcement officer needs to be at the front door of each elementary school to ward off maniacs and any other gun-carrying individual.

Elementary schools do an excellent job of creating, enforcing, practicing and revising their emergency preparedness plans. These do no good however if an intruder enters the building and starts shooting before the plan can even be put into place.

Just because there is a law enforcement officer at each middle and high school does not make it safer for elementary schools. By the time the officer could reach the elementary school, the damage would be done.

Place a law enforcement officer at the front door of each elementary school. He or she will quickly become a symbol of safety for the staff, students and the parents. He/she will become the best friend of everyone in the building. Why not be proactive? We as a community can say that we did everything that we could to protect our most precious gifts. How can we even think if it is worth the $786,793, it would take to carry out this plan? We know that it is worth every penny and more. Let's put our priorities where they belong. We can do without some computers, SMART Boards, and brand new furniture if it means keeping our children safe.

Beverly Copeland
retired elementary school principal