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Eastside academic team coverage
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Dear Editor: My wife and I have been loyal, long time subscribers to The Covington News and we always encourage others to support the local paper.

We attended the Eastside -- Newton football game last Friday night and thoroughly enjoyed the game on the field. The new principal for Eastside, Mr. Jeff Cher, should be commended for his effort to use the considerable crowds at football games to recognize and highlight other important student activities and achievements.

For this first and most highly attended game of the year, Mr. Cher chose to recognize Mr. Eric Adams, coach, and the two time State AAA Champion Academic Team. They were acknowledged before the game and again at half time - but there was no mention of this considerable achievement in The Covington News Sunday edition. The game was covered, practically every tackle, good play/bad play/exciting play was covered. There were photos and a long article but no mention of two time state champions.
Why did this information not get put into the newspaper?

Is this not news worthy?

Why were there no photos or interviews with the participants or with the coach?

How many state championships are currently held by Newton County schools?

What if this were the two time state winning baseball or basketball team? Would you have mentioned if they were recognized at the game? Would their picture have made it into the paper?

Why is it so hard to recognize and applaud and lift up our students for being good students? Isn't that the purpose of elementary and high school - to educate and prepare our kids for life after high school? Isn't this an achievement that encompasses the main purpose of education?

Mr. Cher and Mr. Adams should be applauded and recognized for their efforts to strive for excellence in everything. We deeply appreciate Mr. Cher and Mr. Adams for supporting the academic team and being the driving force behind this considerable achievement.