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Dont spend on consultant
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Dear editor:

Re: Your September 13, 2013 article entitled, "BOE May Bring In Consultant Firm To Boost Math Scores."

If I were to show up on the doorstep of the Newton County Board of Education wanting to teach history, the response I would get is that I am not "qualified" because I do not have a teacher’s certificate.

Obviously, "teaching the test" has not worked. Now, we are having to teach the teachers how to teach the test.

If our students are doing so poorly on the End-of-Course Tests, it must mean that the teachers are doing a poor job. Instead of wasting $95,950 on giving them remedial training, why not hire a good attorney and sue the institutions who awarded these teachers "teacher certificates?’’ If they cannot teach, the colleges and universities have committed fraud by declaring them qualified and giving them a license to get a job in our education system.

Fred Wheeler