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Don't pull the column
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To the editor: I was very offended to hear that you are considering taking One Fabulous Mama’s column out of the paper. I understand that some were upset about what she wrote and took offense to her term “J-man”. That is fine. They can be offended. They can voice their opinion. I have a question though. Is this paper going to live in this century in America, or are you going to let it be taken back to the dark ages or shoved into a George Orwell epic? I can assure you that there is a HUGE amount of non-Christians in Newton County. If you remove this column from the paper because of a few uptight over-judgmental individuals, you are falling down on the job. I would be appalled if there were any further action taken on this matter, and you can be sure this paper would NOT be in this house ever again. 

 Deanna Kearns


Editors note: At no time has The News considered pulling the One Fabulous Mama column.