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Disagrees with paper
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Dear Sirs: Not only did the Covington News never print (my) letter, (nor many others I submitted), they did not even have the courtesy to acknowledge receipt of it.

Perhaps a read of the disgusting editorial on page 5A entitled Presidential praise in today's (4 May 2011) Covington News sheds some light on why they tend to shy away from letters with substance, relevance and backbone.

Part of that sickening editorial reads: "....but right now we are proud of our president: "In ordering the action to take out Osama bin Laden, he showed the courage and determination that we would expect from our Commander and Chief." "--- but it was Barack Obama who pulled the trigger and accomplished the mission".

What a bunch of editorial crap! Obama pulled no trigger and accomplished nothing associated with the mission. This country has had as its purpose locating and killing or capturing bin Laden for 10 years.

All Obama needed to do was stay of the way.

He deserves no credit for what the CIA and our brave military people have done. It takes no courage to order someone else into battle or to simply grant authority to what has been our nation's intent for so long.
All the credit is due to the CIA and particularly the brave military members who risk their lives to accomplish this mission. If that sorry SOB (Obama) had courage, he would have donned a military uniform a long time ago and demonstrated his courage in the face of danger. He ended the career of an Army General and Obama would not make a good pimple on a General's rear end. The writer of that editorial is probably one of those who decides what is published in what used to be a good hometown paper. The Covington News has degenerated to little more than a wrapper for advertisements.

The reason that I read today's Covington News is because the route person keeps throwing the paper in my driveway.
After this sickening editorial and the fact they refused to publish about everything I have sent them, I will probably just burn the papers if they continue to throw them in my driveway. To think that I paid for a subscription for so many years, even having it sent to me during both of my tours in Vietnam is embarrassing; but never again.

Lets be sure we get rid of the scum in Washington in 2012!

Hubert Townley