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Deplorable action
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Dear Editor: The three district commissioners who voted to retain Tommy Craig as county attorney seriously abrogated their fiscal responsibility not only to their constituents but to the county as a whole.

This is not a broadside against Tommy Craig, but rather a commentary on elected officials who decided to vote for something without having all available information at their fingertips.

Our new chair was seeking to put before the commissioners at a forthcoming meeting all the facts about the county's expenditures on legal services to the Craig firm, but without considering that very reasonable proposal, four commissioners voted to amend the first meeting's agenda to include the question of Craig's reappointment.

Then three - Mort Ewing, J.C. Henderson and new comer Tim Fleming - voted to retain Craig without the very reasonable review of county outlays the Chair desired.

What does that say about their pledges of fiscal restraint and oversight during their campaigns? The vote was deplorable.

In these times, when the county budget is so seriously strained, these officials owed the public assurances that these funds are being spent wisely. We did not get those assurances by their actions.