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Covington In the spotlight
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Dear Editor: Don’t we all love the movie-making in Covington. It shines the spotlight on the square and some of our lovely, historic homes. The traffic spasms are tolerable because we have bragging rights. But I would caution our unquestioning acceptance of the financial benefit that the mover-makers claim for our city and its merchants. We get little or no additional revenue from power usage for their movie lights. They have two (and maybe more) huge generators to supply their power needs. As to our eating establishments, all their meals during filming hours are catered so the crew does not stray far from the "set" and lose time in regrouping. Are they using Covington caterers or do they get their food service from Conyers or Madison or Atlanta? Other than those who are paid for the use of their houses or land or parking lots and, one would assume, a donation to the fire and police departments to facilitate their services if needed, how much do we benefit? How many of the crew and actors actually stay in our motels? I suspect many in the tech crew live in the Atlanta area and go home at night. Maybe they buy the diesel fuel for their trucks and generators here. We can only hope.