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Congrats to NewRock
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To the editor: My sincere congratulations to the Newrock Legal Society and its first executive board members. These distinguished women of color have truly set out to make a difference in the lives of those in Rockdale and Newton counties as "each one, teach one" catches on. My prayer is that they realize what a brave mission they have taken on and the responsibility that comes with it.

It will take a diligent effort to bridge the gap between knowing and not knowing. The relationship of lawyer-client, attorney-plaintiff and public defender-defendant has been one of elusiveness for some time. Whether because of a crafty divorce lawyer, a sometimes witty personal injury attorney or a too-quick-to-compromise public defender, people want to trust that they have the best qualified person with their best interests at heart on the job. People have lost when their hopes of winning were almost guaranteed, and another letdown will cause chaos.

This endeavor will test each board members professional ethics, human compassion, education in Georgia law and knowledge of other cooperating organizations. But we are pulling for you; your success is our success. The little guys need a win.

Congratulations Phinia Aten, president; Caycie Dix, vice president; Sherri Washington, treasurer; Constancia Davis, secretary; and Tami Wells Thomas, Parliamentarian. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.