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Chastises president
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Dear Sirs: President Obama's recent lordly frolic before the White House Press Corps (pronounced core) elicited the expected bucolic softball questions from those who are supposedly in the business of holding our leader's feet to the fire.

Not much was gleaned from the appearance except more polish on Obama's ability with monosyllabic word dances to "hot" questions devised from one scared bunch. And these are the people who will tell it like it is? Not one present who is not scared of his own shadow where the man from Hawaii (or wherever) is concerned.

His ubiquitous responses probably dazed and dazzled his minions into believing more strongly than ever that only he, the affected one, has all the answers to our problems. Hopefully many others might wake up to the fact his answers were no more than foul calumniations-so redolent of class warfare, and will not be accepted. I would think that the primary purpose of any president is to unite his people. Doesn't seem to be the case with Obama.

I believe that Mr. Obama is indeed a threat to the Constitution that Thomas Sowell so eloquently defended in his recent Covington News editorial column. But just maybe enough Americans now recognize that the splendor and refulgence and youth they saw in the 2008 elections was/ is a mirage and that our president thinks little of solving problems and uniting the people. But rather goal one for him is to secure four more years no matter the cost of unity nor fixing the myriad problems we all must face. I for one anxiously await 2012. For the good of the nation he needs to be sent packing.

Felton Hudson
Stone Mountain