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Change for the better
Letter to the editor
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Dear Editor: As one of his so called "bleeding heart liberals," I again take issue with Nat Harwell’s column: "USA: Beware the USB." Mr. Harwell seems to follow in the footsteps of a Rush Limbaugh, Jerry Falwell or some noted others in diverting attention from the real issues and crises of our country in order to project blame for such on our new president — not without a hint of bigotry, distortion, innuendo, tone-deafness and cynicism. Maybe, just maybe, it takes some assertive, unilateral action on Mr. Obama’s part to undo the irrevocable damage that George W. Bush has done to our flag and to our country. Just maybe President Obama is truly and strategically positioning and finally focusing attention to restore our great republic and trying to salvage the unsalvageable.

 I remind Mr. Harwell that George W. Bush stole an election, started an unnecessary war, lied about it, approved torture, presided over the bankruptcy of the global economy and did other noteworthy deeds unilaterally. It was Mr. Bush also who used the threat of terrorism against our country to justify his failures and incompetency.

 I would also remind Mr. Harwell that not all Muslims are terrorists. Some of them actually practice peace talking and peace walking as their jihad. My Bible says to love our enemies. At the very least that means we must try to communicate with them and talk peace instead of perpetrating wars at great sacrifices and costs. Even President Bush and other political leaders after 9/11 joined voices with many Jewish, Christian and Muslim religious leaders to strengthen all people of goodwill in collective efforts against violent extremists.

 President Obama is human and will sometimes err in judgment. But let us remain optimistic that we and our elected officials of all our parties can learn from the horrific mistakes and corruptions of the past and go on to find renewed reconciliation and a shared peaceful future for America and all the nations of the world. Yes, we can.


Larry Kennon