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Care and committment
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Dear Editor: It was a rainy Tuesday. The office was full of patients when the cries of panic came. "Patient down, come quick." "We need Dr. Carter's help."

I offered my assistance. I knew my role would be limited, but I was willing to help. What came next was nothing less than a miracle. I traveled down the stairs and looked through the glass. I saw Dr. Carter on his hands and knees, in the pouring rain, kneeling beside an elderly gentleman checking for a pulse and any other signs of life. When no signs of life were found, Dr. Carter started chest compressions. Dr. Carter's P.A. ventilated the gentleman. The rain continued to fall.

Efforts at resuscitation continued. No one knew the patient's name. No one cared. Standing beside the gentleman was his daughter. Wet from rain and tears, she was consumed with worry. The only thing to do was to comfort her.

911 summoned the ambulance. The gentleman was taken to a local hospital.

Office supplies were gathered and returned to their resting place.

Everyone went back to their duties. Dr. Carter worked the rest of the afternoon soaking wet. Many of his staff did too. There was no complaining about how cold they were because they were wet.

The news came at 17:15 hours. The caller stated the gentleman had made it.

As with most successful resuscitation efforts, it takes a "Village."

From the ones who carried the stretcher to the ones who provided the hands on care.

Dr. Carter is not only my brother's physician but a member of my Medical Staff at Newton Medical Center. I am proud of this.

Dr. Carter's actions are a demonstration of the dedication to the health and well being of mankind by our modern day healthcare providers.

How quickly we seem to forget that we have the greatest healthcare system in the world and that this system is just a collection of dedicated men and women who are just like Dr. Richard Carter. They are all around us.