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Can someone explain?
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Dear Editor: I have not lived in Newton County very long. I moved here last year to be closer to my daughter and grandchildren. I do not understand the manner in which the city of Covington and Newton County decides how tax money is to be spent.

All during the year, especially when school starts, supplies and donations are given to our DFACS for children in foster care. Apparently not enough money is allocated to pay for these children’s basic needs. While this is happening, a very large sum of tax money is being given to the adults at the Chamber of Commerce who can easily pay $55 a person to attend a meeting.

I cannot understand how an affluent adult, in good conscience, can take this money when the poorest of children’s needs are not being met, especially when just plain citizens give from their pockets to purchase safety vests for our law enforcement officers.

Perhaps a lifelong resident of the county will write this paper and explain this to me.

Sara Matthews