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Buy local
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Dear Editor: As a resident of the county, we decided our family should support the community that supports us. We had not thought about it this way previously, but in hard times, good decisions need to be made.

We had occasion to visit a local eatery, Debbie's Deli on Pace street. She supports radio with ads for her restaurant and she supports local outings such as the Porterdale July 4th celebration. We were pleasantly surprised. Food at the restaurant is super. Service is impeccable. It's just a really good place to have a meal.
Local doctors, pharmacies, dentists, hospitals, shops of every kind, all need our support and our dollars now. Notice businesses closing and/or the amount of shopping/customers/activity going on when you're in a store or out and about.

This is not to say that large chains don't need business in our community, we just feel we owe it to independent business owners first. The economy has dealt us all a blow; perhaps we'll pull out of it in 2010 as predicted. In the meantime, Covington and Newton County residents need to shop, eat and entertain locally.

Many would ask, "What about my economy and that of my family?" Well, if we don't spend our dollars locally now , there will be no place locally to spend them with the economy returns. It reminds me of days when "Made in the USA" was important to consumers; then the argument became that made in America was more expensive than goods made in other countries. We're feeling that pinch and that thinking now. Made in America must mean something to us and spending our money locally must mean something to us; if not, our ancestors and what they accomplished mean nothing. Think about it

Small business is the backbone of this country and they provide a very large percentage of jobs, growth and leadership to all of us. Do the right thing.