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Board of Education
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Dear Editor: I am troubled by the actions of the BOE regarding efforts for teaching Christian principles. Statements by the petitioners and some members of the board indicated that nothing would be required except permission. If there is no involvement of the education system then why appear before the board? By simply doing it after school hours and off campus, then all potential issues are avoided.

I fully understand that a large majority of citizens believe that taking religion out of the schools is the root of society’s problems. This may very well be one of the problems, but the fact remains that religious education is not the responsibility of society, the school system or any other part of the government.

There is a great deal more to the separation of church and state (at any level) than just money. Religious freedom also implies freedom from the state using the church to advance the states agenda and the reverse of that coin is also true.

This effort to involve the BOE and/or the school system is a slippery slope. Will the BOE be as understanding, open and cooperative when a Catholic or Jewish organization comes with a similar request? How about a Buddhist, Hindi or Muslim?