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Blessing at the BOE
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Dear Editor: I want Newton County to know what a wonderful receptionist the Newton County BOE has. She is a native of Covington and has been here all of her life. Her dad was the late Wallace "Happy" Edwards. Anyone who knows our family can relate to the warm, loving and friendly individual she is. She just happens to be my mom, but she is also a super "hero" to many more people. I could not imagine dealing with the entire population of parents, teachers and administrators that she does on a daily basis. I hope if you ever get the chance to go to the Board of Education you will let her know what a fine job she does. She is not perfect, no one is, but to do her job and deal with the public like she does everyday, well let’s just say it takes someone really special. I love her and I hope you all are blessed enough to meet her one day and see what I am talking about. Please continue to pray for the School System as a whole, and remember her as well. Thanks, and I love you ma.

Leslie Hall